Journal articles

Sattler C, Loft L, Mann C, Meyer C (2018)

Methods in ecosystem services governance analysis: An introduction. Ecosystem Services 34, Part B: 155-168.



Schröter B, Sattler C, Graef F, Chen C, Delgadillo E, Hackenberg I, Halle EM, Hirt A, Kubatzki A, Matzdorf B (2018)

Strengths and weaknesses of the Net-Map tool for participatory social network analysis in resource management: Experience from case studies conducted on four continents. Methodological Innovations, May-August: 1-7.


Book contributions

Schröter B, Meyer C, Mann C, Sattler C (2019)

Societal response, governance and managing ecosystem service risks. Pages 327-333. In: Schröter M, Bonn A, Klotz S, Seppelt R, Baessler C (eds.). Atlas of ecosystem services: Drivers, risks, and societal responses. Springer.


Project deliverables

  • Van Bussel L, Sattler C, de Groot D (2018) Maps on ecosystem services (ES) – How spatial characteristics of ES provision and ES beneficiaries can inform governance. Deliverable D.06, cp³ working document.
  • Bethwell C, Sattler C, Stachow U (2018) Report on the assessment of agricultural production practices in the case studies based on the elaborated WP3 framework. Deliverable D.09, cp³ working document.
  • Meyer A, Giersch G, Sattler C (2018) Assessment of the potential of collaborative governance to address institutional misfit. Deliverable D.08, cp³ working document.


Project milestones

  • Van Bussel L (2017) Inventory on spatial and temporal ranges of ecosystem service supply in rural landscapes. Milestone M.12, cp³ working document.
  • Bethwell C, Stachow U, Sattler C (2017) Production practices and ecosystem services: synergies and trade-offs. Milestone M.11, cp³ working document.
  • Van Bussel L (2017) ethodology to assess spatial and temporal flows of ES in rural landscapes to different beneficiaries. Milestone M.10, cp³ working document.
  • Remme R (2016) Ecosystem service classification system. Milestone M.07, cp³ working document.
  • Stachow U, Bethwell C (2016) Inventory of agricultural production practices. Milestone M.05, cp³ working document.
  • Meyer A, Giersch G, Sattler C, Schröter B, Remme R, Stachow U, de Groot D (2016) Inventory of existing governance model elements. Milestone M.04, cp³ working document.


Master and bachelor theses within the project

  • Barghusen R (2018) Collaborative governance approaches addressing institutional fit to improve success of agri-environmental programmes in Europe. Master thesis, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.
  • Kubatzki A (2018) Partizipation im Ökosystemmanagement am Beispiel des Staubeirats als kollaborative Governancestruktur im Biosphärenreservat Spreewald (in English: Participation in ecosystem services management: the example of a water management board as a collaborative governance structure in the biopshere reserve Spreewald). Master thesis, University of Potsdam, Germany.
  • De Haan N (2017) How governance changes affected the supply of ecosystem services in Berg en Dal. Master thesis, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands.
  • Jongens AC (2017) Identifying and mapping cultural services in Berg en Dal by applying a participatory mapping tool. Master thesis, University of Wageningen.
  • Hirt A (2017) Using the Net-Map tool for analyzing collaborative governance for improved ecosystem service provision in cultural landscapes: the case of a citizen foundation in the biosphere reserve Spreewald, Germany. Master thesis, Humboldt University of Berlin.
  • Budding E (2016) Financial mechanisms for landscape management – collaborative governance and ecosystem services enhancement in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands. Master thesis, Wageningen University.
  • Vredenbregt J (2016) Use and provision of ecosystem services in vineyards in the area of Berg en Dal. Bachelor thesis, Wageningen University.